Top 5 Best Neighbourhoods in Ottawa for Families


Do you ever lie awake wondering if your family’s next home could be in one of the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa? Where it’s safe and thriving?

Are you asking yourself if there’s a community out there that will embrace your lifestyle and be a smart investment for years to come?

Do you feel it’s daunting to find an area rich in amenities and culture?

We understand it’s not only about the four walls and the roof. It’s about you walking down the streets feeling a sense of belonging. Lucky for you, we know just how to guide you there!

Some of the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa include: 

  • Stittsville
  • Chapman Mills
  • Barrhaven
  • Longfields
  • And Monahan Landing

Let’s take a deeper look at each one of these best neighbourhoods in Ottawa for families.

5. Stittsville: A Neighborhood of Charm and Safety

You, like many families, prioritize safety alongside quality of life. Then, let’s talk about Stittsville!

This neighborhood has an impressive Livability Score of 93/100. Its crime rates are 25% lower than the Ottawa average.

Yes, the cost of living here is 1% higher, but with a median income of $141,318—62% higher than Ontario—Stittsville is an area where safety meets prosperity.

Imagine your family picnicking at Pine Bluff Park or taking a creative class at Tracy’s Art Studio.

You’re not just looking for a house. You’re looking for a place where your family can grow and where you can all engage with the community.

And with the Canadian Tire Centre nearby, entertainment is always at hand!

4. Chapman Mills: Ottawa Neighbourhood Where Convenience and Culture Meet

What if you could live in a place where convenience didn’t mean compromise? Enter Chapman Mills. It boasts a Livability Score of 91/100.

Crime rates here are 4% lower than the Ottawa average, and the cost of living is even 1% lower. Chapman Mills could be the balanced environment you’re looking for, with a median income of $112,655.

Your days could be filled with visits to Water Dragon Park or evenings at the Cineplex Odeon Barrhaven Cinemas.

Chapman Mills merges the tranquillity of suburbia with the heart of community life. Isn’t that the Ottawa neighbourhood blend you’ve been searching for?

3. Barrhaven: A Suburban Retreat with Urban Amenities

Consider Barrhaven if you’re looking for one of the best neighborhoods in Ottawa for families that don’t skimp on amenities.

It’s an Ottawa area where the Livability Score is an admirable 92/100, and crime rates sit comfortably at 8% lower than the Ottawa average.

Plus, with a cost of living 2% lower and a 40% higher median income than Ontario, Barrhaven represents a smart financial move for your family.

Barrhaven is a suburban retreat that feels like an urban hub. It ranges from the green stretches of Calaveras Park to the family fun at the Valleyview Little Animal Farm.

It’s an ideal contender for your next move!

2. Longfields: One of the Best Neighborhoods for Small-Town Feel, Big City Advantages

You’re seeking a small-town feel without losing the big-city advantages, and Longfields answers that call.

It boasts a great Livability Score that is on par with Barrhaven’s and surpasses the city’s already low crime rates by 7%.

Longfields has a 1% lower cost of living and median incomes 38% higher than the Ontario average. This could be the start of your next chapter!

Whether it’s exploring Leather Leaf Park or savouring a meal, Longfields has something for everyone. It’s a family neighbourhood that offers an idyllic lifestyle where every day can be a new discovery.

1. Monahan Landing: Your Top Pick for Family First

As a family-first individual, your top pick might just be Monahan Landing.

It’s a neighbourhood that supports your family’s needs and dreams. After all, it has an unparalleled Livability Score of 94/100.

Plus, the crime rates and the cost of living are both 8% lower than Ottawa’s averages!

Your financial security is also an accessible goal, with the median income here being a notable 39% higher than in Ontario.

Envision your family enjoying the splash pad at Kristina Kiss Park or learning about history at the Goulbourn Museum. This best neighbourhood for families has many areas for your enjoyment! 

Monahan Landing is more than just a neighbourhood; it’s a foundation to build your family’s future.

Let’s Find Your Place Among the Best Neighbourhoods in Ottawa for Families!

You deserve a neighbourhood that isn’t just good on paper but feels right. Finding your ideal spot in Ottawa means matching your family’s wish list with a community that ticks all the boxes.

And that’s where we come in—we’re not just realtors; we’re matchmakers, pairing you with the neighbourhood that’s best suited for you.

Connect with us – Lyne & Dominique – today for personalized assistance. With our expert local experience, we’re ready to help you find your dream home!

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